Govanhill Nursery School

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Settling In
  • You will receive a letter to notify you of your child’s enrolment date when you will be advised when your child will start nursery. 
  • You will be expected to stay with your child for an agreed time on their first day to ensure that they are comfortable in their new surroundings as they begin to make positive relationships with staff and children. 
  • At this point, your child’s key worker will discuss with you whether or not they wish you to stay during further sessions to support your child in settling.  Please ensure that you have made arrangements to be available during the first couple of weeks of your child’s nursery placement for this purpose. Keep your mobile switched on at all times when you leave.
  • It is vital that every child feels safe in their new environment and have an attachment to their keyworker, to ensure they are happy and parents confident to leave them within the nursery.